Frequently Asked Questions


If you receive a request letter from IRCC to submit your passport to the Visa Office you can use the VAC to securely send your passport.

Step 1: Bring your passport to the VAC and pay the appropriate fees. Please include the letter from IRCC requesting your passport, the VAC Consent form and your contact information. You can either bring your passport in-person to the VAC or send it by courier.

Step 2: Decide how you will want your passport returned to you. You can choose to pickup your passport in person or have your passport delivered to you at home. If you choose to have it delivered you will need to include a pre-paid Air Waybill when you submit your passport to the VAC.

Step 3: Track your passport. The VAC will send your passport to the Visa Office and give you a tracking number so you can track where your passport is.

On the website you click on Application Tracker on the left hand side, then you will have to enter your tracking ID, date of birth and the text shown in the box.

This is an optional service. VAC personnel verify that application forms have been properly completed and signed, and are accompanied by supporting documents and submit the application to the Consulate General of Canada in New York or Los Angeles.

You can contact the Visa Application Centre by phone, email or in person. Please see our Application Centres section for details.

In addition to the average processing time of your application, please consider the delivery time after your application has been processed at the Consulate General of Canada in New York or Los Angeles. Click here to check the status of your application.

There are two fees, the VAC service charge and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada application fee. Please find more details in the Applicable Fees section.

The VAC maintains the necessary biometrics collection equipment. The Canadian Government determines who requires their biometrics be taken. For more information please visit :

No. If you are required to have a visa to travel to Canada, you must request it to the Consulate General of Canada in New York or Los Angeles prior to your trip. Please check the average processing time and allow enough time to submit your application.

You are responsible for medical expenses you may incur. It may be prudent to purchase traveler’s health insurance prior to your trip.

Only Temporary Resident Visas are accepted at the VAC. If you are interested in a Permanent Resident Visa you must visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s website to find out where you may submit your application.

Please be aware that the assistance and processing of your application at the VAC is completely independent of any decision the Consulate General of Canada makes. The VAC has no involvement or influence on the Consulate General of Canada’s decisions. Your VAC Service charge covers only application assistance to you and processing at the VAC. Therefore, the VAC fee is non-refundable and does not depend on the outcome of your application.

Your immediate family members may enter the VAC with you if they are also applying for a visa. Otherwise, due to space limitations in the waiting area, they will need to wait outside the building until your transaction is complete.

Most applicants are in the VAC facility for approximately 40 minutes (not including provision of value added services).

You can check the status by logging in to the Application Tracker with your tracking number and your date of birth.

There is no formal appeal process if your application for a Temporary Resident Visa is refused. You can apply again. Make sure that you provide any information or documents that were missing from your first application. If you do not send new information or if your situation has not changed, the new application will most likely not be approved.

Canada has privacy laws that prevent Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) from discussing your application with someone else, unless you give written permission. If you want a representative or an agent to help you with an application, you must notify IRCC in writing.

Yes. Please be sure to have the application forms, VAC Consent and checklist signed by the applicant.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) must conform to a stringent Privacy Act which also extends to all of their missions and employees abroad. These requirements also apply to any individual or company doing work for or on behalf of IRCC. The obligations to ensure privacy and to protect disclosure of information is taken very seriously and only a minimum of your personal information needed by the VAC for your application will be used by Computer Sciences Corporation. For further information, please consult the VAC Privacy Policy.

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